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Watch Conan play the new Doom with Super Bowl stars

Conan with the Panthers' Josh Norman and the Broncos' Von Miller.

The biggest game of the football season is this weekend, and gaming developers are among the companies trying to get some of that excitement to rub off on their products.

Conan, the late-night show featuring host Conan O’Brien, presented action from the upcoming demonic shooter Doom on tonight’s program as part of its Clueless Gamer series. And because this is a Super Bowl special, O’Brien had Denver Broncos defensive tackle Von Miller, Carolina Panthers cornerback John Norman, and Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch join him. As always, the bit was more about jokes than the game, but we got to see glimpses of the hyperviolence that publisher Bethesda and developer Id Software are going for with their reboot of the classic shooter franchise. Doom debuts May 13 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

The original Doom is one of the most important games ever made. It established the first-person shooter genre, which is now the domain of top-selling franchises like Call of Duty, Halo, and Destiny. Since inventing the genre, however, Doom has lost some of its appeal. While other developers and games elaborated on the simple idea of shooting bad guys with guns from a first-person perspective, Doom has stuck to those roots. This go around, Bethesda is planning to go overboard with the blood and guts in an attempt to make the shooter something that gamers, who spent tens of billions of dollars on console and PC games last year, can’t ignore.

With the goal of bringing Doom back to prominence, Bethesda has begun marketing the game with stunts like having football pros play the game on late-night talk shows. Check out the Conan bit for yourself in the video below:

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