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Hong Kong Disneyland In The Black And Fighting To Expand

Hong Kong Disneyland turns profit

While it’s taken a few years to hit their stride, Hong Kong Disneyland signed off on their second consecutive fiscal year in the black. Hong Kong Disneyland is currently the smallest Disney theme park in the world, dwarfed by France, Japan, and the daunting United States Disney theme parks. While excitement flooded the Disney family after Hong Kong’s first profiting year, the thrill was not unlittered with worry that they wouldn’t be able to keep their heads out of the water. Persistence has paid off though, and Hong Kong is rejoicing with new attractions and expanding Disney hotels.

The next big challenge on the Hong Kong Disneyland frontier now appears to be competitors. Hengqin, a small island across the Pearl River Delta, would be an ideal location to place expansive new rides or Disney villages, not to mention a great way to ensure that the good years keep on coming. The island’s idyllic rolling hills and picturesque aquatic placement, unfortunately for Hong Kong Disneyland, make it a desirable location for many other companies hoping to expand as well. A nearby casino has had its eye on the island for a while, as well as other amusement parks who are hoping, much like Hong Kong Disneyland, to branch out into this little paradise.

Fighting off other amusement parks may not actually be in the best interest of Hong Kong Disneyland. Businessweek reminds critics that Disney parks in Anaheim and Orlando have thrived through their interaction with other parks. It may be more beneficial to work with the other expanding parks instead of to trying to beat them to the punch.

As for drawing more guests, which will hopefully push profits higher and ensure they do not get pushed under by the Shanghai Disney park coming in 2017, the next big project is on its way. What’s next on Hong Kong Disneyland’s horizon, ABC News tells us, is a huge, brand-new hotel, with 750 rooms. The hotel will cost HK$ 4.3 billion and increase the number of rooms to 1750. Hopefully with all the new rooms available, Hong Kong Disneyland will be able to solidify itself in China as the landmark it is, turning profits from here on out.

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